Watches form an integral part of everyone’s outfits and none of the outfits can be assumed complete without a watch. Watches add more charm, elegance and glamour to the outfits of every man or woman. However, this is only valid if you choose the watch that goes well with the outfit that you are sporting. There are several watch brands that have their own line of products with the variation in the designs. People however, have built the trust around a specific number of brands only owing to their great and elegant designs, company trust, customer care services etc. The following section gives the details regarding the trending watch brands in today’s market more of which can be found on https://www.gofynd.com/men/accessories/watches.


The following watch brands are currently the most trending brands with a successful range of products functioning in the market:

  • TITAN:

This brand is a joint venture between TATA and Tamil Nadu Industrial Corporation and has risen to be the most successful watch brand in the country. this brand runs its lines of watches by the names Steel, Regalia, Tycoon, Bandhan, Octane, HTSE, Nebula, Orion, Purple, Obaku etc. which cater to the needs and desires of everyone. May it be in form of anniversary gifts or any other occasions, the Titan watches find a very special place among the gifts.

The brand probably maintains the largest variation among its products which makes it stand among the top manufacturing companies in the world. Not only in India, the Titan watches are also popular beyond the boundaries. The company also adopts some great promotion strategies and ad campaigns supported by the stars of the tinsel town which has made its products, the most preferred ones.

  • TIMEX:

This brand is known for its R&D department which gives ample time to come up with designs for everyone in the market. The company manufactures products which are a blend of German engineering and the designs from Italy which have gained fame from all over the world. The durability of these watches is one of the reasons for which people prefer Timex watches over others. The names of the collections of watches under Timex include Expedition, Quartz, Metropolitan etc. Apart from high end watches, Timex also manufactures electronic products.


It is one of those Japanese companies that have gained fame within a very short span of time. It is one of those watch companies which has innovation at the core. Although the digital watches from Citizen are much more popular, the analogue watches from the house of Citizen are also worth an investment. The brand was also the first to introduce solar panels on the wrist watches as an alternative source of power supply. However, the watches from Citizen are priced a bit higher as compared to other watches while the style and the design of these watches makes up for this drawback. This makes it land among the top trending watch brands as of now.

  • CASIO:

Casio, as a brand has retained a spot among the most trending watch brands for a very long time period. These watches come loaded with ultimate features and are often referred to as the watches of future. Of late, Casio has also introduced some leading edge features like health tracker and GPS in some of its watches. Due to all these features. These watches are priced on the higher end as compared to other brands. Despite being priced high, getting a watch from Casio is definitely worth an investment.


At the end, it all comes up to the design. All these watch brands have a huge variety of product designs. So, just have a sneak peek into the product catalogue of each of these brands before finalising on a watch to buy.