Choosing Car Color: Tips for Girls

The color of a car, of course, is chosen depending on your personal taste preferences. Some girls like bright colors, whereas others prefer some subdued shades thinking first of all about practicality.
However, when choosing the color for your car especially if you plan on buying a luxury SUV like ford edge, you need to focus not only on your taste, but also bear in mind some peculiarities associated with different colors.

Car color VS road accidents

The color of a car determines the degree of its visibility on the road. According to statistics, most often accidents occur with cars of green, black, and brown colors. The fact is that such cars merge with the environment and become less visible for other drivers. From this point of view, it is better to choose yellow, orange and red cars that are visible from afar. But the safest color is silver. Overly bright cars can also cause an accident, as they distract drivers from driving.

Car color VS driver’s character

The color of a car is an important component when it comes to your personal style. Thus, a black car is considered a symbol of influence, because all the cars of high-ranking officials are painted precisely this color. Eccentric girls choose usually bright colors, which suit their personalities quite well. It is believed that a white car, which implies some degree of spirituality, will be chosen by romantic individuals. Phlegmatic people, living with dreams and hopes for a better future, will give preference to the yellow color. Happy and carefree girls tend to prefer the blue color. Cars of green color are chosen by serious people loving to reflect. A red car will appeal to active and rather impudent persons.

Practical colors

An important role is played by the practicality of a color too, as you are likely to drive your car for many years. You need to take into account that bright colors, for example, can burn in the sun, which means that residents of hot regions are better to give preference to lighter shades. It should also be noted that any scratch will be the most noticeable on red and yellow vehicles. Whereas, if you want to hide such paintwork drawbacks, you can opt for blue or sand shades.

Fashionable car colors

Sometimes the color of a car is chosen in accordance with current fashion trends. Today, the style of the 80s (brightly-colored cars) is gaining popularity. People also tend to choose chameleon colors, which change their color under different lighting conditions. When you visit to buy ford explorer, pay attention to the color variety and choose the one you like, even if it is the brightest one. Still the most popular colors are white, black and silver.

Interesting facts

It is also interesting that a car color is capable of causing some visual illusions. Thus, dark cars visually seem smaller than they actually are, which means that vehicles painted this color can be overlooked in traffic. Red cars tend to make an impression that they are traveling much faster than they are whereas green and blue cars create the impression of moving slowly and casually.