What Are Benefits of Buying Split Air Conditioners?

Air conditioners play an important role in keeping home cool during hot summer days. However, it is important to note that there are several types of air-conditioners available in the market, considering which, it becomes important to think and decide the type of air-conditioner you want to go with. Split air-conditioners are ideally to be used at home. Not only because they keep the room’s temperature cool, but also, they’re cost effective. Following section will brief you few more reasons to invest in split air-conditioners. You can install LG air-conditioners to save huge electricity bills, especially in summers.

Reasons to Purchase Split Air-Conditioners

Expense v/s Cost

Usually, initial cost of split air-conditioners is more than normal air-conditioners. Split air-conditioner is a 2-part air-conditioner which doesn’t install like a window type air-conditioner. You won’t spend anything more than USD 300 on a normal air-conditioner. However, the cost of split air-conditioner (including installation) will reach up to USD 3000.

However, it’s important to note that initial cost of a split AC is higher, but its operating cost will be lower than a window air-conditioner. Thus, it depends upon whether you’re looking at the short run cost, or long run expenses that you’ll be incurring on an air-conditioner.


It’s important to note that split air-conditioner has two pieces with one being warm unit and other one being cold unit. Both of them are separated for making the air-conditioner more efficient such that the unit helps in cooling down the air thereby resulting in better air-flow through the house.

However, this better efficiency in split air-conditioner comes with a cost i.e. the installation is a bit complicated than a normal AC. You can’t just place a split air-conditioner, but you need to get it attached to ducts and tubes which help in air-transfer. Moreover, several holes need to be made in the house so that the ducts can be fitted using those holes.

Provides Cooling to Whole House

An additional advantage of using split air-conditioner over a normal AC is that it helps in cooling the whole house. With use of duct work, the cool air not only gets transported to one area of home, but it goes to other areas as well thereby leading to better cooling. This is in contrast to normal air-conditioners where separate ACs need to be placed in each location. This saves you from investing funds in buying air-conditioners and paying for their installation.

Lower Electricity Bills

As one split air-conditioner is enough for cooling of entire house, you’ll not need to place separate air-conditioners in various rooms. You can easily connect a split air-conditioner to a thermostat which ensures that the cooling system gets turned off and on as per change in the temperature.

To conclude, split ACs can save you installation cost and huge energy bills. However, make sure that you compare prices at CompareRaja.in before placing an order. There are great deals of split ACs available online on Amazon.